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Service. Manufacturing. Operations


Being a CEO of my own company in the trades industry is challenging, rewarding and the greatest experience I have ever embarked upon. I get the opportunity to change an industry and serve customers at a high level.  It allows me to relate to other CEO's and offer great insights to help others grow. 


Partnerships are not for everyone and they come with their own unique challenges but changing the way something very boring and basic is brought to market is what we do.  We serve manufacturing businesses that serve the very basics to Americans. 

Operational Conssultant

I work with some of the most basic businesses to enhance their customer value, their revenue and their bottom lines.  We develop the systems needed to help fulfill the owner's vision. 


In order for American business to make a come back we need real Americans owning businesses that serve Americans.  There is an exorbitant amount of owners that are looking to find a succession plan for their business but cannot find the right person.  I am that person. 

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