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Meet the CEO by week and camper by weekend. 

My goal in life is simply to make the world 1% better.  I aim to do this through helping people, women especially, of all ages connect to what truly matters in life and be the best versions of themselves.  I am relentless in business but equally relentless about my time in the outdoors.  I am a blend of a woman who knows how to make visions a reality and a woman who laces up her hiking boots to recharge in nature. 

I am what you call an Integrator when it comes to business.   A rare breed with the capabilities to take an entrepreneurs vision and bring it to life by seeing every hole within the plan and implementing systems to plug them.   As a visionary myself I understand the passion for great things in the world but can also see the potential before most others see it.

I launched an outdoor lifestyle and apparel brand in 2019 that speaks to people like me.   The people who are the CEO of their lives and careers but feel like that true connection to something is still missing.   The people that feel as though they are a pillar of strength but could crumble at any minute.   I understand this because I crumbled before and had to rebuild my life.  I live by the four F's: Fuel, Fitness, Focus & Flow.   I am committed to helping people find a connection to their purpose and doing it in a way that fits their lifestyle. I am also committed to helping organizations see purposeful growth.

I hope you find something here that speaks to you and will help you see how you can have both lifestyles and they can flow seamlessly. 



 - Jessica


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Companies I Own: Pull Through Sites, Everyday People Outdoors, RJR Capital, R&B Packaging

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