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I believe our lives are like a river, we ebb and flow through life but there is always a final destination, but it isn't the final destination that is important rather all the things that flow with you along the journey.  In business this is no different.  You will have ebbs and flows in business that may cause you to struggle or bring you tremendous joy.  I have experienced plenty of ebbs and flows throughout my career operating and owning various businesses.  It was through these ebbs that I learned where we are missing the mark in business and how we can flow back to a capitalistic society that is very conscious about the deeper value we bring to our customers. 

It is small business owners that are the life blood of America and it will be small business owners that continue to be a driving force for the success of our economy.  The challenge is many small business owners are ready to move on thus leaving a large gap in skills and knowledge on how to continue their success.  I have dedicated my life to working with these business owners to successfully transition their businesses into the future and keep the heartbeat of America still beating.  


"What makes a river so restful to people is that is doesn't have any doubt - it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn't want to go anywhere else."

- Hal Boyle 

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I am an Integrator

"An Integrator is the person who is the tie-breaker for the Leadership Team, is the glue for the organization, holds everything together, beats the drum (provides cadence), is accountable for the P&L results, executes the business plan, holds the Leadership Team accountable, and is the steady force in the organization." (EOS Worldwide)

This is how I shine for businesses, by bringing the entire vision together.  The beauty is that I am also a visionary and can bring both elements to helping business increase revenue, develop strong customer value and change industries.  

When we look to buy businesses we look for companies that can benefit from the addition of a driver to move the company forward. 

I am a Peddler

My career history is very mixed and ranges from financial services to mortgages to packaging to consulting to trades. This experience in multiple different sectors has given me the diverse background to work with multiple types of teams to help companies succeed. 


I have been able to prove multiple marketing programs to drive leads, test sales processes for maximum close ratios, develop customer value processes that drive referrals and high customer retention, and develop the right people for the right teams.  

All of this has brought together my experience to own my companies as well as work with other companies on their success. 

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