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Why do we stop asking questions?


Jessica Rider

As children, we are known for asking "why" a thousand and one times per day until we get an answer or until our parents yell at us for asking "why" too many times.  Through that process we often get a complex about asking questions that we are not conscious of in our adult lives.  The tragedy is that we need to be asking questions every day.  Questions of the world, of our local community, of our people but most importantly of ourselves.  That last one is tricky because we most likely won't like the answers if we start asking ourselves questions.  

Just like our parents grew tired of us asking so many questions, our egos grow tired of our conscious brain asking it questions.  The ego doesn't want to be questioned but rather just wants to do what it wants in its quest to protect us.  

The greatest thing I ever did in my personal development journey is get very familiar with my ego.  I began by naming her and continued by asking her questions every day.  Questions like why she would show up at certain times or when certain things happened.  I asked when she showed up in the past and how often.  All of this allowed me to dive deeper within myself and ultimately get better at asking myself the hard questions that I needed to answer truthfully in order to grow. 

You can ask anyone, I ask a lot of questions, just have coffee with me sometime and you will see.  I practically have you social by the end of the conversation, but it has been the questions I ask of myself that have led me to ask bigger questions of the universe and world that is directing my path.  What can I say I never listened whey my parents said to stop asking so many questions.  We need to ask questions of ourselves, we need to dive deeper into our souls to find out who we are and what we are actually made of.  If you don't question yourself then you are not truly growing and if you are not growing then you might as well be dead.

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