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There are many different ways to skin a cat


Jessica Rider

We have all heard this right?There are many different ways to get the same thing done, multiple ways to get to the same outcome.  When it comes to business everyone has a different approach, their way being the best way to do it.  

That is why we see the “coaching” and “guru” space so big.Everyone thinks their way of making millions is the best way.  I laugh at this because most of those “guru’s” have never made millions of dollars and guess what I haven’t either. Now I have helped others make millions but have never built it myself.

So as I started my entrepreneur journey I realized there was so much noise out there in this space that it will lead you down this path of confusion and overwhelm at the plethora of ways people “teach” you to create your own American dream.  The truth is though there is only one way.  There is only one way to build your American dream and that is to treat others the way they want to be treated and in some cases better than how they want to be treated.

All things in business come down to people, every facet of business is based on people.  There have to be people to buy your product or service there have to be people to do the tasks within your business and there have to be people to help you build your business. Without people your business would not exist.

I have been in your shoes, in that place where you think the next gadget or hack or funnel will be the thing that sets your business off into the millions sphere but what I have learned is that it’s the people that will do this not some trick.  It is the people that you create relationships with, the people that you serve that will ultimately take your business to where you want it to go.The people will make or break you from living your American dream.  

Take a look at the people and do more for them then you ever thought you could.

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