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Security with yourself


Jessica Rider

"What security did the early settlers have when they boarded the Mayflower?" - Eleanore Roosevelt.

We live in a world that preaches security.  Security with your money, with insurance, with your safety, with your job, with literally everything, but if you think of the early settlers, what security did they actually have? The only thing they knew was they could rely on themselves when they boarded that boat bound for unknown land.  They knew the work they could put in to produce what they needed to as they embarked on the new world. That is the only security we all truly have and to be honest that scares most of you.

  You have never really had to rely on yourself to do anything.  Someone has provided a job for you, someone provided shelter for you, someone provides your food for you, literally everything is done for you, and we continue to fall prey to more and more things doing tasks for us and less and less on relying on ourselves to do anything.  Most of you don't even know yourself or what you can actually accomplish because you have never pushed yourself out of your comfortable, secure bubble.   Can you actually produce money on your own?  Can you build a shelter for yourself?  Can you grow or kill your own food?  Can you do anything that you solely rely on yourself to do?   Do you know your true capabilities?  One thing I know about myself is that I have the ability to figure anything out.  I walk blindly into situations because I know I will figure out the solution.  My brain works for solutions, I never care about the problem.  Do you think the early settlers cared about the problems of the new world?  Do you think they were coming to a safe and secure place where everything would be easy?  No.  But they knew themselves, they knew they could rely on themselves to figure it out and to create and build what they were ultimately searching for.  

You may feel lost in your life right now, and I bet it's because you don't know yourself.  You don't know what you are capable of.  You don't know these things because you have never pushed yourself beyond the safety and security that someone else told you that you needed.  Start figuring out who you are without all the outside noise, without someone telling you what to think or do, without caring about anything on the exterior but rather about yourself on the inside. 

 It can be scary to go within and truly only rely on yourself and build the discipline it requires to know that you can take on anything.  It is a discipline, a skill you have to develop and continue to improve, but it can be done if you want it badly enough.  Throw out the notion of security, nothing is truly secure and embrace you.  Your ability to trust only yourself.  This is an ever evolving process.  I have relied on myself my entire life, I never needed anyone and I took care of everything I needed, I handled my shit.  Now five months after losing my mom I am realizing that this skill was something I developed but also something instilled in me from her.  I am learning to balance this skill with calling in the right people when I need them.  We certainly cannot take everything on ourselves and that is a steep learning curve for me.  The one thing I have not lost in this entire transition is that fact that I can always count on myself.  Come hell or high water I have built the skill to persevere through anything.  Can you say the same?

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