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Every season of humanity sees shifts just as we are going through now


Jessica Rider

This happens when the “new guard” starts to take leadership roles away from the “old guard.” In this time of our history we are seeing the old guard working very hard to hold onto their power, to their ideals and beliefs while trying to relate to the next generation of leaders so they can remain in power.

However you have the new guard working hard to push the old guard out so that the swing in leadership can start to take hold. This happens in every generation as people age, become less capable of leading and eventually die off.As a society we are getting to the point where all the men of the “greatest generation,” those that fought in WWII are dead and the ideals of that generation have gone with it.  We have seen over the last 30 - 40 years the ideals of the boomer generation take hold and are now starting to become extinct.If you don’t believe me on this just sit back and ask yourself how much the current president or leaders of congress really relate to your everyday life.  

The shift in culture is happening now where the next generation of leaders are rising up to take their positions in reshaping our culture. 

This happens like clockwork and has happened for centuries and centuries before ours and will continue for more to come.  It is why we are seeing such a time of chaos right now as the old guard tries to keep their power but they are constantly being met with resistance from the new guard.   In a few more generations the ideals that the greatest generation held true will never be known to anyone living.

The foundations that shaped where we are today will soon be forgotten because the next generation will be trying to take their seats in leadership. As a society we go through these ebbs and flows and we are born at certain times to either be a part of that leadership shift or to simply be a leaf blowing through the changing of the seasons.

The shift is inevitable, the changing of the guard will happen, it's just a matter of whether you are part of the change or you simply blow through life without any direction.

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