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Jessica Rider

If capitalism is the answer for many of society's problems and has been the solution for many decades why is it villainized? The truth is to get anywhere in life you must have money.  Now you get the choice, at least in America, on how you use that money.   That is some of the beauty of America, we have freedom of thought, hence this blog with my thoughts, but we have freedom of choice.  

Many may argue that we don't have a right to choose and in some cases we don't, like taxes, but for 95% of things in someone's life we have a choice.  We choose to live where we live which costs a certain amount of money, we choose to eat the way we eat and have a lifestyle that we choose to have which all again requires money.  But where does that money come from?  For some of you, you may say the government prints it and yes that is true, but it also comes from capitalists.  From people that decided they would create money by providing a product or service to the world.  A capitalist who has decided they will provide the resource, money, that allows you the freedom to make the choices you make. 

 Now capitalism has for many many years gotten a bad rap and there are some bad capitalists out there but ultimately most are good.   Who do you think funds the services you have in your town, donates to the local charities and provides the jobs?  It's the capitalists.  As we speak, capitalism is being reshaped in this country, and it is weeding out those that thought they were one only to find out the club was not for them.  Or more appropriately the club kicked them out.   The tides have turned and to be in the club moving forward it will be people and profit together., not one over the other but a unique equilibrium that will mod society into a unified force that understands how our freedom of choice and freedom of thought impacts our overall freedoms in America.  Stop looking at capitalists as bad people who ruin everything because they are the very people that create the opportunity for you to choose what you do when you get out of bed every morning.

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