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Breaking the chains of apathy


Jessica Rider

Apathy has plagued our lives for much too long.  We have all had a sense of apathy in one way or another whether it is in our own personal lives, our careers, or society in general.  Think about how little concern you pay to the overall global happenings or even the chaos of our country.  As a society we have become so apathetic to the world that it is now plaguing us.  

What concern did you have about pharmaceutical companies before 2020?  What concern did you have in local politics before 2021?  If you are like me, you have had very little concern until it smacked us all in the face.  We became so apathetic to those things that do not directly affect us with little realization that it all affects us.  From what happens globally to Davos, to Biden, to congress, to your local mayor, it all affects us.  

And it goes so much deeper than this. We have become apathetic to how our children are being raised in schools to the electronics we put in front of them.  When did this start?  I feel like when parents started to use their children as accessories instead of being concerned about the continuation of our species is when we started to see the downfall.  Apathy has truly plagued our society so much that any amount of information is now an overload instead of having a general concern about the macro level of the world and the inner workings of it we draw little concern from any of it therefore causing a massive amount of overwhelm which causes more apathy.  I challenge you to take a look at the things that you have little concern about and understand how it affects your daily life.

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