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RJR Capital

A company dedicated to restoring the trades, services and manufacturing sectors of America. 

Jessica L. Rider

Founder. Author. Operator

I am Jessica Rider. a founder, an operational CEO, a COO, an author, a lover of the outdoors and a woman dedicated to breathing new life into manufacturing, services and trades. RJR Capital takes on the industries that are the true backbone of America and bridges the gaps between skills that are aging out and the future of American business.


Small business is the lifeblood of our country and we own, operate, invest and work with small companies to drive growth, profits, purpose and legacy. Jessica formed RJR Capital to be a place where small businesses can become big, they can employ real Americans and they can reshape how America does business. 

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I have many roles in my life including CEO of Pull Through Sites Mobile RV Repair, COO of R&B Packaging, Managing Director of a not for profit, elected board member for a local organization and consultant to many other organizations.  My experience is in operations, in helping organizations learn to put value first and develop the right processes to succeed in their business. I am an integrator in business and have a knack for putting all the pieces together to win. 

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I enjoy writing and sharing information with people as you never know when one spark may change the direction of their life.  A simple thought or question can change the way someone does business and ultimately make them millions.  I co-host a weekly business podcast with a colleague as well as write for other publications. I encourage you to take a look as you never know when one sentence could spark an idea. 


Life doesn't put us in a box as much as we often want to keep things there.  Your life meshes between business, family, other relationships, and hobbies.  These insights are meant to challenge you, make you think of something new or help you along your path.  What is a journey worth living if you don't share the lessons along the way with others?  These are personal, business, relationships and more from my journey to helping strategically grow America's future. 

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