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The research behind why nature is so important not only to our health but to the growth of your business is astronomical so why don’t CEO’s do it more?  This show is to help them get there.  We will talk about why you should get out more and how you can effectively do it and still run your business.  We will answer all those questions any CEO has about nature, camping and just getting outdoors and we will talk a little business too.


Each week Tony Frisella, Jr. and I sit down to talk business.   This is not just us rambling on about the things we learned but we also bring in prominent guests from around the world that have built and are continuing to build successful businesses and communities.  We talk about what everyone should know when it comes to business and setting yourself up for success. 

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I recently sat down with Jamie to talk about her new project to help people explore nature. This of course was right up my ally so we talked about practical ways people can do that and how best to make it a part of your lifestyle. 


Everyday Sharifah Hardie does a great show where she brings on four business owners to her LIVE show to talk about anything and everything.   I was honored to be a guest for the 200th episode.   We talked about business trends, the housing market and showing kindness.

Every week Bob and John from the New England RV Dealers Association sit down and talk with someone in the RV industry about anything and everything having to do with camping and the RV life.    I had the privilege of talking to them not only about the book but also about how we camp and where we like to go. 

(excuse the minor technical difficulties on this but it will be audio only.)


Canada's Snowbirds RV Travel Magazine prepares you this season with tips, articles and reviews on top vacation destinations and attractions.  Jessica is a contributing writer adding her experience traveling on the weekends to this sought after publication. 


Every week Peggy and Tony Barthel sit down and talk about the camping lifestyle.   They tackle all sorts of topics ranging from the best RV's to the best campgrounds.   I was honored to be on their show to talk about my camping story. 

To book Jessica for media please reach out to

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