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Zero Compromise Mentality

I recently have fallen back into some old habits that I had when I first started my journey to getting healthier, perhaps you can relate.

When I first started on my journey I had created a great routine for myself during the week, there was structure and rules around eating and moving that I would stay very disciplined. However when the weekends came I would fall off and eat whatever I wanted because I thought I “earned” it. I would inevitably spend the entire next week trying to “work off” what I had eaten over the weekend.

This cycle continued for years and years until I found enough discipline in certain programs to get myself out of it. However recently we have had some events on the weekends that I have allowed myself to indulge in the good food. Key for me now is the food better be good or I don’t touch it at all, and the food over the past few weekends has really been good. But I realized after ordering the biggest cinnamon roll I had ever seen that I was compromising again on my goals. I was allowing myself to stay true and disciplined during the week but then falling on the weekends. I was justifying to myself that I was working harder than I ever had in the gym and staying on track 80% of the time so I was good.

The truth is though I was not good, I was not reaching the goals I wanted to reach. So, as that left over cinnamon roll sits in my fridge as we speak, I am adopting my zero compromise mentality again that I will not have any more of it. It is hard, I have a bitch voice that comes in and tells me just one bite won’t hurt but then I quickly remember that making even these small compromises will soon lead to bigger compromises on things that matter even more.

Find your zero compromise mentality.

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