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Your "Why" Is Bullshit!

Before you read too far into this post for today I want you to take a real hard look at what you consider your "why" to be. Seriously, sit down and think about what your "why" is or better yet what you tell everyone your "why" is.

My guess is your family and your kids came to mind first or second. Well congratulations you are like most of the average people of the world who hide behind the notion that your were put on this earth for your children. Everything you do is for them.

Is it really?

So all those bad habits you have that you secretly do and no one knows about, those are for your kids?

All the time you spend traveling and working and doing useless things, that's all for your kids?

What would you tell your parents if they came to you with this BS of a "why?"

My guess is you would probably tell them they are full of it and you would lose a little respect for their thinking. Much like your kids would probably lose a little respect for you as well if they knew that you were using them as a made up reason for your existence on this planet.

Now before you go and say "Jessica you don't have kids so you don't know" I will challenge you in saying that because I do not have children I am a better person to know the actual truth. I am not blinded and do not hide behind my children to make it seem like I am doing stuff for them when in reality I am not. Making it seem like I am a "good person" because I put my children first.

The truth is that by not having kids I can see both the good and the bad, the way people are living and they way they could live, what is real and what people are making up.

And for most people they are making up their true reason for existence and thus living a mediocre life.

I believe that there is a very small percentage of people that were actually put on earth to be parents. These few souls exist for the sole purpose of creating a child that will impact the world in such a great way. Everyone else, well sorry friend, you have a different purpose that is beyond your children.

For some of the population their children will merely just exist, no matter how much they pour into them. Their kids will resist, they will find a different path and the parent may be left wondering what they did wrong.

Perhaps you put your entire existence in the hands of your child and now you have no idea how to impact the world when your kid goes down a meaningless path.

Now what?

You will do some soul searching, perhaps take some long vacation in a remote destination to try and find who you truly are and why you exist.

But what if this is the year that you just change your why and save yourself from a long meaningless search later.

Let's break it down....

You are reading this right now so you are alive and breathing.

You exist to perform some type of tasks in this world.

Those tasks will either create significance in your life or they will keep you from significance.

So why do you complete these tasks?

You eat healthy foods to nourish your body so you can survive longer

You workout to keep your body flexible and moving so you can survive longer

You go to work to make money to provide a roof over your head to survive longer

You read books to keep your mind fresh and full of knowledge to survive longer

Could it be that your ultimate purpose is as simple as surviving for the longest amount of time you possibly can?

But then comes the second part because for some of us we can't just survive.

What tasks do you do when you are surviving longer?

What are the tasks you do in order to not just survive because you have those basics taken care of but rather to thrive.

Let me ask you this, do you thrive when you are running kids all over the place or helping them with homework? Do you thrive when you are disciplining your kids or making sure they are eating their vegetables?

My guess is these are not times of thriving for you.

So again why are your kids the sole purpose of your existence? Do you thrive and feel the most alive when you are doing everything with your children? My guess is no. Now again there are those few people that yes their existence is for their kids, but that is their sole purpose.

That is most likely not yours.

Your why is much different. Your why is bigger then the two or three humans you have been tasked to keep alive. Your why has to live beyond them, it has to exist long after they have discovered their own why's. And in all reality you had a different why before they even existed.

This year more than ever I feel like everyone needs to take a real hard look in the mirror and decide who they are and why they exist. People have lived behind this facade for too long and now more and more is being exposed. Fake entrepreneurs are being called out, even real entrepreneurs are being questioned. The all mighty Instagram affiliate is losing their following and will be forced to find that 9 to 5 job they so desperately tried to avoid. The hard truth for a lot of people is going to hit this year and they are going to be left with wondering why they even exist.

Wouldn't it be great for you to have a head start on this so that no matter what happens you are crystal clear on why you are here and what you can do to continue to achieve your purpose.

Make the world 1% better, that is my big why! I hope I do that with my truthful rants like this.

- Jessica

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