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Your Environment Matters

I am sure you have heard this a thousand times that who you surround yourself with matters or your environment matters.

Well you have heard it so many times because it is the truth.

The environment in which you allow yourself to live matters a great deal. But it is a little deeper than just the friends you surround yourself with or your desk space at the office. Think about your home environment, is it set up in a way that allows you to make good choices.

Something as simple as putting healthy food on the middle shelf in your refrigerator, right in your eyesight can make it easier to make smart choices when it comes to food. Having fresh fruit on the counter can make it easier to eat that in stead of cookies. Not to mention not buying the cookies in the first place.

If you work from home maybe closing your office door at night will help you turn off your work life for the day and be fully present with your family.

These little environment shifts at your home can truly make all the difference.

What is one small thing you can change today?

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