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You're Going To Die Anyway So Play Full Out!

Did you play sports in school?

Honestly I didn’t, I did the cheerleading thing for a few years but that was back before cheerleading became this competitive sport.

But in business, well in business that is where my competitive edge comes out, that is where I want to win and do the absolute best I can. I will admit though sometimes I am not playing full out. I am not doing the routine to the best of my ability.

Sometimes I am just waiving my arms about so it looks like I am keeping up with the beat but in all honesty I am not even on point.

When this happens I have to stop myself and ask “Jessica, what are you doing, why aren’t you playing full out?”

I know it seems silly but when you really boil it down to the basics of life, we are all going to die, we are all going to one day not be here so why are you not going full out everyday? Why are you living a life of mediocrity? Why are staying in a job that you hate? Why are you staying in a marriage that is unfulfilling to you? Why are you doing all of these things half ass when the truth is if you just played full out everyday your life would be so much better.

We are all going to die one day, that’s the truth but some people die everyday because they choose to just waive their arms so it looks like they are doing something rather than give the routine 110%.

Play full out everyday!

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