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You Can Lose All Your Money But You Cannot Lose Your Experiences

Money is such a funny thing, it is a tool just like social media, newspapers and billboards are a tool.

Money is not the ultimate thing because money can be taken away. You can make money just as fast as you can lose it, it’s a tool.

But the experiences you create in your life while can be used as a tool is something that can never be taken away from you.

What you did yesterday can never be taken away. It is an experience and one that can shape the decisions you make today. You never lose your experiences, you never lose the knowledge you gained in that experience.

I see people revolve their life around money and yes we need it, it’s a tool that allows us to create greater experiences for ourselves and for others but it is just a means to an end.

The experience for yourself or for someone else is the true thing to chase. That experience can never be taken away from you. Just yesterday my husband and I took a hike and were 20 feet from six bull elk. That's an experience that can never be taken away, and guess what it was free.

Create experiences in your life because those cannot be taken from you.

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