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Window Shop Your Dreams!

Have you ever heard this?

I heard from a mentor recently and feel like it is worth repeating.

I immediately jumped online and started looking at land. I came across all sorts of great properties, of course in the million dollar ranges, but I was shopping and sending them over to my husband. He just rolls his eyes because in the text prior to this I was complaining about prices of dryers. His comment “you don’t want to spend $700 for a dryer but $15MM you are ready to just go blow right now.” My answer is always “yes, of course!”

The truth is I am window shopping, I am connecting my vision to what is reality, something I can physically see or physically go touch. Touching your dreams is important because it makes it real, it no longer is something that just sits in your head as something to never be obtained.

I’ve started window shopping more and more to remind myself to keep going, it will be worth it and the impact you will make is bigger than you can ever dream of.

Sometimes life gets heavy, business gets heavy so rather than getting lost in some social media feed I just go scroll through open listings for land and just window shop. It brings me back to what I am working for, why I need to keep going and aligns me with my purpose again.

Life will continue to get heavier as we age and as we all live in this crazy world. Take the time to window shop your dreams and keep pushing towards your own personal excellence.

All your doing is window shopping!!

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