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Why Would I Write A Book?

If you head to any book store or browse Amazon on a lazy Sunday afternoon you are bound to find millions of titles of books out there. It’s almost like just about every book has been written for every subject out there, multiples of times.

So why would I want to write a book?

A few years ago I got this feeling, like something more was inside me and I had a story to tell. But I couldn’t figure out what that story was. You see I am a kid that grew up in middle America, to middle class parents and has lived a pretty average life. Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to me and nothing all that bad either. I have lived a pretty middle of the road, average life.

What would I have to share that would actually add any value to someone’s life?

That was the key for me, whatever I did it had to add value to someone’s life. I wracked my brain trying to figure out what I would write and I could never come up with it. But that feeling just kept nagging at me, there is a book in you, just write it.

And then 2020 hit…..

No need to detail the rollercoaster of a year this has been, we all have had our own struggles and triumphs this year. One industry though that has seen the best triumph has been the RV industry. Everyone has wanted to get outdoors in an RV this year which is awesome because it has brought so many wonderful people to an industry that I love.

I was talking with a friend one day and he mentioned his wife was actually coming around to the idea of getting an RV and he was blown away even telling me about the possibility. He is an outdoorsy guy and not that she isn’t but a camper was really never in the cards for them. But she was thinking about it. He came to me because he knew I had an apparel and lifestyle brand within the industry, Pull Through Sites, and was pretty knowledgeable on RV’s. I gave him some advice and to my knowledge they are still mulling it over.

But after that meeting I started thinking about her, his wife. She is this high powered career woman but also has three children under the age of eight at home. She runs and guns all day long and she honestly is having her best year ever in the industry she is in. Thinking about her took me back to my days in the mortgage industry. I was the same way, running and gunning, building a team and working to dominate the market.

Until the incident happened.

That’s when the book idea smacked me dead in the face. I needed to write that story, I needed to help strong, powerful women like me. I just had this deep feeling that what I had to say was important and it needed to be heard now more than ever.

So I sat down with no expectations for what I wanted to say and just started typing. All of a sudden I had 10 chapters and close to 13,000 words. My story of being on top of the world and then falling and then rising again was written. I finished writing it all down and I felt an enormous amount of pride. I was proud of what I wrote. I had finally found my story to write.

I am now headed into the editing stages of the book and plan to release a digital version in early 2021. I promise this is an easy read and I know it will help catch you before you fall. The key is to find these things before you fall, finding what I talk about in the book and not hitting rock bottom. I hit it and have built myself back stronger than ever.

Do I believe my story is all that special? Well to me it is, but no I don’t think to the world it will be anything different than the story you have heard before. But this is my version and for thousands of women like me who are ultra successful in a career, family and life there is some point in the book that you will relate to. When you find that part I know the lightbulb will go off and that will be the catalyst for change in your life.

The book is my story and after years of searching for the right story to tell I finally said “why the hell not to this one.”

I hope you enjoy it when it comes out and for behind the scenes of it and more on it’s release click HERE to get on the list for updates.

Stay well friends,

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