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Why I Want To Help You Camp

Camping is an overwhelmingly huge recreational business with an infinite number of players from influencers to CEOs. However, my focus within the camping field is small. I can’t tackle it all. The best way I can serve others is to stay within this defined niche which reflects my own passion and my personal discovery of how to benefit from camping’s restorative nature while holding a full time job. I want others who have limited schedules and little interest in roughing it to be able to enjoy camping. Camping can be a game changer.

I believe everyone can benefit from camping but so many people are discouraged by the intense preparation, the lack of comfort and the thought of mosquitoes buzzing about their heads as they sleep on uneven ground. Camping does not need to be that painful! My mission is to help others fit camping into their busy lifestyles. It is possible and remarkably pleasant to work full time and camp regularly weekend upon weekend. My mission is to show you how


First of all, I realize that many people who work 24/7 cannot turn off the working brain all weekend. It can be an adjustment to not check texts continuously and to actually take the time to clear one’s head. Nevertheless, many people find that going off the grid and incorporating nature for even part of a weekend can restore the thought processes, spark new ideas and improve one’s physical well being and professional life. While I write most often about full weekend camping, I also cover the benefits of short intervals in nature when at home. Sometimes, CEOs just can’t get away.

The joys of camping did not come easily to me. I have always worked incredibly hard, too hard at times, and was not good at slowing down. Also, I really didn’t enjoy rustic camping. For eight years, I did the tent life. I slept on the ground. I schlepped to outhouses and took cold showers. My husband, Rusty, is a true outdoors-man, and he thrives on that style but it just wasn’t for me. Then, we bought an RV and it changed everything. Suddenly relaxed and enjoying our trips, I started to connect with my intentions, to find my purpose and to recharge. I realized that if I had discovered how to make camping work for me, I wanted to show others how to make it work for them. I do not want other people accustomed to working 24/7 to have to confront the barriers that

held me back. .

Since committing myself to this mission of making camping more accessible to full time workers, I have spoken to business leaders in camping businesses and to CEOs who have learned to get out in nature without having to sleep on twigs. I have looked into organization systems which make packing for trips easier and researched different ways to purchase

RVs. My research and personal experience are what I want to share with others. I want to make people’s lives easier and camping more enjoyable.

While I am well aware of retirees who take months- long trips visiting National Parks and of campers who chose to explore the wilderness wearing headlamps and collecting kindling, I am not that kind of camper. I focus on a different population group: the weekender seeking rejuvenation without major hassles.

Each of my blogs will focus on a different topic. The repertoire will increase over time. I already have several topics transcribed. At the same time, I encourage you, my readers, to suggest topics you would like covered. While I have a timeline established, I can always divert to a request. I want to help you guys. Keep checking up on blog posts for future information on how to make your business life and camping work together. I’ll offer information ranging from getting in

a few minutes of weekday work while camping, to tips on cooking, to clever packing and more.

I am excited for the future exchanging of ideas and information!

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