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Who do you have to become?

I have learned that in life it is not what your goals are but it is who you have to become to get there.

For instance I have projections for two of my businesses to be at eight figures in five years. Sure you can call them goals if you would like but I look at who those businesses have to become in the marketplace to get there and who I have to become to run those businesses.

For one of the businesses I want to be one of the largest voices in the space creating actual change for people. In order to do that I have to become that voice which means I have to do certain things to become that voice, namely I have to embody the lifestyle that I speak about for that business.

It’s not about the goal of an eight figure business, it is about who I have to be to build that. From there the daily habits will be presented and I can begin to become that person. I may have to be a daily reader for that, someone who writes everyday, someone who learns to listen better, someone that some would call relentless, someone that has empathy, whatever it is, I have to become that person.

As you sit there and perhaps review your goals and ambitions for your life you should ask yourself, “who do I have to become to reach those goals?”

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