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Where is your thermostat set?

If you lived in my house the thermostat is set at 68 degrees most days but that is not the thermostat I am talking about.

One of my mentors talks a lot about our internal thermostats that control our lives. We all have a temperature or a baseline that we operate at. This baseline is comfortable, it is home base it is where your body is always looking to return to.

So when I speak about your internal thermostat I am talking about that internal baseline that you constantly return to. You may have periods where you are pushing that temperature up, I am going through that now and my body is fighting to return me to the baseline it is comfortable with.

You may see this in injuries or an illness or perhaps even a bigger traumatic accident. Your body is always trying to return to what it feels is safe and comfortable, your challenge is to keep pushing to raise that internal temperature. You should always be pushing the boundaries and getting uncomfortable so your body gets used to a higher temperatures and once you have been there for a bit you need to push to raise it again. It is not a fast process and it can be very daunting at times but the truth is the higher you operate at the better you are to live your purpose and change the world.

As a society we have been operating collectively at a pretty low baseline level and unfortunately there are not enough people operating above the baseline to collectively raise the level. This is especially true over the years we endured COVID. That baseline level dropped and subsequently the vibration at which the world operates lowered as well.

Too many people fell below that baseline and drug it down.

No matter where you are at in life you have the opportunity to change your baseline and every time you do is the opportunity for the baseline of the world to change as well.

Choose today to operate at a higher temperature.

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