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Where is your focus right now?

Too often we all get sucked into a world that gets us off focus, I mean go back to Adam and Eve, they lost focus and subsequently listened to a serpent that led them astray.

It’s hard to focus on what is important when there is so much political noise, Tik Tok dances to learn, likes to get, others seeming to be doing better than us, things to build, our own voice in our heads and really the list could go on and on.

I am guilty of all of this, well maybe not the Tik Tok or Reel dances to learn that is just not my style. We all struggle to stay focused on what we should be doing, we all think at times we “deserve” a little down time to scroll our phones and live in someone else’s reality for a bit.

Every time I slip that way, and I do, I get this instant thought of “why am I doing this?” Is what I am doing right now something that is building the life I want to create? No, then off it goes. Sometimes it’s yes, sometimes watching the news is something I do because I need to stay informed or scrolling through some social stories is something I need to do because I am looking for my friends to support.

Sometimes doing those things that steal everyone else’s focus is something you should be focused on but more times than not it is stealing your focus to.

What are you focused on right now and is it helping to build your dream life or stealing away from the person you are trying to be?

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