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What Does It Mean To Do Business On Purpose?

For the past 30 years or so we have watch behemoth sized businesses grow from the ground up. Think Apple, Microsoft and Google. These businesses that started as an idea and have become something we are all reliant on to this day.

Now think of some of the medium and small sized businesses out there. Some you look at and the owner or CEO is so focused on the greater purpose the business serves to the world that it is undeniable the power they have.

While others started to make a quick buck or to serve just the owner. We see this all the time. Someone is drop shipping this item or selling something else because they saw somebody make a quick buck with it. It seems like everyone has become an entrepreneur and everyone just wants to make a quick buck.

Doing business on purpose means have a set intention when you start a business. Having a way your business will change the world. Being so focused on truly helping people better themselves that you become undeniable. If you want to know what we have lost in business it is that, it is purpose.

Doing business on purpose is realigning the market to those that are looking to make a bigger impact than just flipping this or flipping that to fill their own wallet. Doing business on purpose is being so clear about who and what you are to do in this world that having your own business is the only way you can do this.

Each of my businesses have a purpose, a purpose that is so clear to me and that aligns with what I am supposed to do in this world. A purpose to make peoples lives better. I believe that if I can help people make their lives better then one of those people will change the world or heck maybe more than one of them will. It all starts with doing business on purpose.

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