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What Do You Want?

I have heard this many times from different mentors of mine and in different capacities. They will ask their clients “what do you want?” And the client will say something like, “I want freedom.”

Guess what we all want freedom but what does that mean. What does freedom mean to you?

To me freedom means a lot of things, it means that I can go and come as I please anywhere in the world, it means I have the resources to give to others as freely as I could possibly want, it means that I have the capacity to build the biggest empire that I am capable of building, it means that I have the ability to go all in on whatever I am doing.

Freedom is not something that we just innately get at birth, even if you live in the United States, really think about what you are actually free to do in this country.

Rather freedom is something you create in my opinion. Freedom is the life you build for yourself that allows you to create, change and impact in ways only you can. Freedom is about being able to drop everything and fly to help a friend, it is being able to leave your business and have it still operate, it is being able to give when someone is in need without you having to even blink at the dollar amount.

Many think they are free but in all reality they are slaves to their jobs, they are slaves to their bank account and they are slaves to their mediocre existence.

That is not freedom friends regardless of what you think.

Freedom has to be defined by you and only you but there are some parameters around it.

Ask yourself what you truly want and if it is freedom what are you doing to create that freedom in your life?

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