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What do you do on down days?

Recently I had a trip cancel the morning I was supposed to leave. Now this was just a day trip in which I was driving but nonetheless I made the decision at the last minute not to go.

I had planned my days earlier in the week to account for me being on the road all day on Friday so when the trip was cancelled I was left with very little to do. I could have easily told myself “awesome you need a rest day anyway, just sleep in girl!” My body probably could use a rest day but I am not built that way.

I still got up at my normal time, did my normal morning routine and then sat down to get ahead. I love days where I can get ahead and I don’t feel like I am chasing my tail constantly. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing my goals much faster.

I see so many people that have a “rest” or “down” day and they literally lay around in their pj’s all day and do absolutely nothing. Even if you need a true rest day you can still be productive.

That is what I chose to do on this day, I chose to still be productive even though I had no tasks on my to-do list. In the end the difference between people that “make it” and people who don’t is what they do on the days when they don’t have to do anything at all.

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