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What are your habits?

If you ever follow Tony Robbins you will hear him say, “change your story, change your life!”

This is so true.

By changing your story, changing what you tell yourself everyday you can drastically change your life. I like to take it one step further though with “change your habits, change your life.” Now I didn’t coin that but I will say that changing my habits of my identity are proving to be the actual thing that is changing my life.

I have spoken before perhaps in these messages or on my podcast about an unhealthy self image habit that I have. One where I am constantly looking in the mirror at my “pooch” and constantly grabbing it to see if it is still there.

It’s a disgusting habit because I judge myself based on that. I then take it a step further and tell myself that I am a fat person. The truth is though, while yes I have some weight to lose, I don’t identify as a fat person so why am I constantly telling myself that.

Why am I letting that negative story, that negative identity determine my outlook on any given day? I am currently in the process of breaking this habit, of not looking at myself constantly in the mirror and judging myself.

I am in the process of changing my identity to someone that is fit and healthy and feels good about herself. It’s not easy everyday but it is this little habit that I am breaking that is changing my story, it is changing who I am.

If you truly want to be successful at anything in life you have to change your habits around your identity.

Change your habits, change your story, change your life.

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