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What Are Your Fears?

When it comes to falling I am not afraid of heights, it is the plunging to my death that scares me.

It’s the falling and not being able to catch myself that scares me. It is probably due to my clumsiness and the fact that I fell a lot as a kid. Yes I was that girl in school that would trip over her own feet, fall flat on her face with books sliding down the hallway, all in front of the cool kids. It got to a point where I just had to get up and laugh it off. I was going to fall whether it was up the stairs, down the stairs or simply on flat ground.

But that fear is nothing compared to the fear I have of living in a nursing home as a vegetable. When I was younger I had a great grandfather that lived in a nursing home. My aunt would haul my cousin and I there quite often to see him and to hand out candy to the other residents. Sure I got to see the closeness of the residents as they ate and played games together but I also saw those left in the corner hunched over in a wheel chair. The ones you would try to say hi to but they could barley lift their heads and when they did you saw nothing but drool on their face. It was heartbreaking to see that and as I got older and involved in girl scouts we always seemed to volunteer at nursing homes.

All my life I have been in and out of them whether to visit family or to volunteer and each time it kills me to see those people in the corner. It kills me to see a vibrant life wasting away like that. One of the biggest driving forces I have when it comes to my health and fitness is not ending up like that. Not being that vegetable in the corner of the nursing home. The one they are obligated to wheel downstairs just so she won’t get bedsores.

The life I see for myself is long and it includes getting outdoors and living my purpose at the age of 100. It involves always taking care to put the right fuel in my body and move in challenging ways every single day.

You are not meant to be a vegetable, you are not meant to end up like many others in that corner.

You are meant to have a long, vibrant life. So am I.

Start by taking care of your body now, wherever you are. You can make the changes now to reduce your chances of ever having to be in a nursing home.

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