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What are your dreams and are they really clear?

Recently a mentor of mine challenged me to look deep into my own personal brand book. This is who you are, what you stand for, what you do and how you do it.

The first step in this is to dream, dream about what your future self looks like. Is she physically fit, what does she eat, what does her morning routine look like, how does she manage people, what is she building, what is her purpose, how does she talk to herself and on and on and on. I dreamt about this future woman that I am becoming, I even have a name for her, Shelby Cobra Jessica.

This woman is so clear in my mind and I see her everyday. I know what she wears, what she drives, how she loves people, how she loves herself and on and on and on. I have dreamt about her and I have gotten really clear on every detail about her.

The same holds true for all the other dreams I have. I can walk you through my future house in every detail, I can walk you through exactly where I will place things on my land and how that land affects people in their daily lives. Every piece I have on my dream board or vision board, whatever you call it is so crystal clear to me that achieving it is not an option.

I will have those things because they are so clear to me.

Now one step further from that is getting very calculated on what I need to do to achieve all of those dreams. That part can be tricky and some of your old negative thought patterns can emerge or even that bitch voice telling you that it’s impossible.

Once you clear that noise you will see that the path to get your dreams is actually very clear and will only take a few actions done consistently over time.

Today is a good day to get very clear on your dreams, share them with your partner and then start attacking the process.

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