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We all have things or people that trigger us.

They either trigger us in a good way or more times than not in a harmful way.

Triggers can be things like food or alcohol, or if you are like me it is alcohol that triggers the food and causes me to uncontrollably eat. There is just something about a good glass of bourbon that causes me to want to eat an entire pizza or whole bowl of popcorn. Heaven forbid if there is bourbon and chocolate around, I am done.

Triggers can also be people. People can bring out the worst in you. I have had this happen many times over my career. There were just some people that I worked with that would trigger the dark side of my ego (I call her Jen) and would bring out the worst in me. I would live in this state of defensiveness always trying to prove I was right or smarter than the other person. It is a horrible place to live. It never allowed for creative energy to flow that would help me solve bigger problems.

I had to get away from these people as fast as possible. It’s hard sometimes to walk away from people or even to sit back and realize that someone close to you is actually a negative trigger. But when you realize that the person or thing is actually bringing out the worst in you, you will begin to find the people and things that bring out the best.

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