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Truth Bomb!!

The truth seems like a hard concept for most people and I believe it’s because people are scared to expose the truth about themselves.

We all have a dark side, that deep down person that we very rarely show anyone. You have it, I have it and the rest of the world has it. But yet people never want to expose that truth for fear of being judged and ostracized from society.

We are pack beings, we need other people in our lives and we need the acceptance of others to survive. The challenge comes when we aren’t being truthful with ourselves then those around us are not in alignment with what we want out of life.

There are several versions of the truth, there is your truth, my truth and then the actual truth. Our truths are impacted by our beliefs and experiences of life. The thing that holds most people back though is they don’t know their truth because they don’t know who they are. They are not radically truthful with themselves so they are unsure as to what to do in life because they have never been honest with themselves. They never took the time to question their beliefs, to understand why they have experienced the things they have so they have never actually been truthful with who they are.

The reason humans are so easily swayed and follow the herd is because they have never been so blatantly honest with themselves to figure out their truth!

Let's look at an example or two.

First think about the overweight, sloppy, mess of a human that lives in a crummy house but drives a Caddy. The truth is they probably drive that car so it looks like their status in the world is higher than what it actually is. The real truth is they are unhappy, unfilled and a shit show in their life and they use the car as a status symbol to try and hide what the truth really is.

Or take the business owner who cycles through person after person or tactic after tactic trying to grow their business but never actually getting anywhere. The truth is the problem is them. The problem is what they are telling themselves about their life and their business.

To really succeed in life you have to first get to the core of your truth.

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