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Treating symptoms and not causes

We live in a society that has spent years and years just treating symptoms.

You have a runny nose, here take some meds. You are overweight, here get this surgery.

You are broke, here play the lottery.

The list is really endless. Very few people stop to look at the root cause of the issues at hand.

This is one of the fundamental reasons our political system is in such disarray. There is no politician that wants to look at the root cause of anything, no one wants to do that homework, no one wants to ask those questions.

They would rather throw money and handouts and all sorts of other crap at people to treat surface level symptoms.

If you truly want to grow and do something great with your life you have to get to the root cause of every issue and this includes with yourself. If you are suffering with something sit down and really think about where it is coming from, ask yourself the hard questions and answer honestly.

If you continue to live your life just treating symptoms you will live a mediocre life and never truly reach your full potential. Stop treating just the symptoms and find the root cause.

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