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The yin and Yang of life, the chaos and order that consumes your daily life.

I am currently reading The 12 Principles Of Life by Jordan Peterson and in it he talks about the chaos and order of life, the yin and yang.

There are two sides to our life and we are constantly living in either a state of chaos or a state of order. We move from one state to another sometimes almost effortlessly and there are levels to each.

You may have chaos in your home but outside your home there is order because you consistently go to work everyday but above that there is chaos in your company but above that there is order to how the business world flows but above that there is chaos in the economy and it could keep going and going.

Everything in life is in a flow of chaos and order and as humans I believe we have to keep pushing towards that order everyday.

What are the things you can control on a daily basis to help relieve some of the chaos?

You cannot control the world chaos, you may not even be able to control the chaos of the company you work for but you can control the chaos of your home. You can control the actions you take on a daily basis.

Rebalancing the order and the chaos to me means a strong attempt to control what you can control and bring more order to your daily life. It may mean stepping out of your comfort zone, examining what is not working well and getting very honest with yourself but if you are truly seeking more order then you have to do what it takes.

Restore the order to your life by controlling what you can control!

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