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The Land Of The Woman

Here's something our grandmothers never pictured.

A woman working on her own terms, in her own way, trying to support her family the best way she knows how.

Nope, our grandmothers probably never thought that being a working woman would have merit in this world.

But yet they still paved the way for us.

They paved the way for our mother's to step into the corporate world and try to capture some of the market share.

They cracked open the door that our mother's then pushed open and I am now kicking down.

The Way Of The Woman is HERE!

Women working in all sorts of businesses is now a norm, not an anomaly.

I don't think our grandmother's would have every guessed we would be here. But here we are, rocking every bit of it.

Here we are, woman taking on every industry and doing it with grace and passion.

Well some of us are.

Others well, let's just not talk about them.

I feel a shift coming and maybe it's just the circle I run with but there is a shift happening and it is exciting.

I was recently on a girls weekend with some true badasses in business. Women that are rising to the top of their game and also find time for what matters most to them. I heard stories from building a business, creating your own time, sex topics and boob jobs.

I may need a boob job now.....

But what was so amazing was that this group of women created a support structure in 48 hours that I know will last for a long time. We weren't just whiny women there to bitch about stupid shit. We also weren't there to be ego maniacs and try to stomp on every man we knew.

No, we are woman that understand the delicate balance between a woman and a man and want men to be our partners. We want their to be an even balance between both.

So when I say The Land Of The Woman I don't mean women's domination. To me those days are over. We can all stop trying to beat men at this point and start all these feminist movements.

No, when I say land of the woman I mean it's time for us to stop yelling about being equal and actually show up with our actions to be equal.

Can I swing a hammer like a man, yes!

Can I chop wood like a man, yes!

Can I review analytics, spreadsheets and financials like a man, yes!

Can I run a company like a man, yes!

I can do all those things, even though some I just don't want to.

But as a woman I know my strengths and let me tell you, it is not swinging an axe!

But I can be an amazing partner to that guy swinging the axe.

I can be an amazing balance to any man trying to run a company.

I can review financials with my partners and make the best business decisions for our projects!

You see the land of the woman is now when women stop bitching about not being equal and just do the work to be a partner. I don't want to be equal to a man!

I want to know my strengths and weaknesses and work to compliment his.

I want to partner with men!

Men that understand respect is earned and will give it to any woman that steps up to the plate.

The land of the woman, the next generation of women need to understand that business is a partnership whether it is as an owner or an employee. When you agree to work for a company you are partnering with them to fulfill their mission while fulfilling yours.

A partnership is understanding the other's passion drive. Then picking up the slack where they lack.


It is your partner doing the same for you.

You want to be successful in business going forward, find that partner that understands you are not there, as a woman, to threaten them.

You are there because grandma cracked open the door, your mom opened it wider and together you are going to bust through every door that comes in the way of your partnership.

The Land Of The Woman is about women not complaining any more about "being equal" and showing with their actions what they are capable of. It's about women not whining any more and replacing it with work to earn the respect.

It's not easy being in male dominated industries and my ego sure does love to prove when I am right but at the end of the day I need that man just as much as he needs me.

When you realize this I think you can then make the strides forward to being the badass business woman you were meant to be.

- jessica

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