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Society Has Gotten Lazy

This is not secret, you know it and I know it so lets just call a spade a spade. From the invention of hand tools to the iPhone as a society we have always looked for better ways to get things done.

This has benefited us greatly in most cases but the downfall that few will look at is how these things have made us a lazier society. Instead of walking to the corner store to grab a few items, we drive. Instead of calling someone we text them. Instead of getting outdoors we put on some glasses.

Yes this is what the world is coming to, instead of physically going to a location and experiencing it in person, we are now looking at putting on goggles to experience it. Think about the implications of that. You were already sitting on your butt for three hours watching something stupid and eating Cheetos but now, now you can put on these goggles and and still sit on your ass and eat Cheetos but at least you are looking at a park.

Ask yourself how this helps you as a human being, ask yourself how this makes you a better person and a contributor to society, ask yourself how this allows you to live out your true purpose.

The truth is, it doesn’t.

We are meant to soak in the true outdoors, we are meant to commingle with other humans and we are meant to make an impact on this world. If we continue to allow technology to manage our life we will never do hard things, we will never get uncomfortable and we will never grow.

We are meant to grow and being in the outdoors and moving your body everyday allows you do this.

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