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Sharing My Story

For anyone that says sharing your story and your truth is easy, they are wrong!

Sharing my story is not easy!

I am not someone who tries to make it look good for the Gram!

I worried if my story really even mattered, if anyone would care!

Then 2020 hit like the freight train that it has been and I realized that my story now had meaning. There was now purpose to what I needed to say.

And boy did it just come flowin' out!

When I sat down to just get some thoughts out of my head, because that is all I thought I was going to do, the book just flowed right out of me.

The ideas, the script, the flow of what I wanted to say just poured out of my soul. It was like I couldn't move my fingers fast enough to keep up with the flow of words.

It took me five days to write it, now believe me it is not super long, but still I wrote my story, my book in a week.

I always had this inclination that I wanted to write I just never knew what I wanted to say. After those five days I had it. I had what I wanted to share with the world.

And it's my story, my struggles, my triumphs and doing things in my own way!

The entire process opened up new ideas and pathways within my brain and honestly connected me to a deeper version of myself. I truly found peace and a stronger determination to make my mark on the world through this process.

Now comes the hard part.....

Getting it out into the world!

There are so many ways to do it, each with their own set of complications.

Don't get me wrong I have already pictured sitting next to Savannah Guitherie on the TODAY show telling my story or sitting at Ed Mylett's home in California sharing my struggle on his podcast. Those conversations I have already had in my head.

But back to reality......

I just want women like me to find it useful for their lives.

My story was scary for me.....

It caused pain, hardship and some of the biggest blessings I have encountered in my life to date.

It's not a revolutionary story, nor will it be the last story like this you hear.

But for this moment, this time in my life and in history, it is the story that needs to be told.

Women like me are suffering deep inside.

Women like me think they have it all together.

Women like me are true badasses on the outside but on the inside they are screaming.

Women like me need to know there is an escape and they can make that look however they want to.

Sharing my story always seemed like a waste of time.

No one would listen, no one would care.

But then I met women like me and realized my story could save them.

You see I didn't want to write another story just to write it in hopes of being famous. I want my story to be the reason some woman out there finds her connection and reshapes her life. I want my story to be the reason her daughter looks at her mom as the true badass she is. I want my story to mean something.

I finally found the story within myself that means the most to me.

The book is still in the editing phase at this point but I can assure you when it comes out and releases for Pre-Sale in January it will be the easiest but most impactful read you have in 2021.

Thank you for letting me bring you on this journey, thank you for listening.

To you I say, find your connection to your story and then tell it.

- jessica

PS. More updates on the book and the pre-sale if you click on "get the latest" on the homepage.

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