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One of the greatest tragedies I see in life is someone merely existing

Someone that has no purpose to their life, no drive to get up everyday and someone that sees no hope. Our world has created a scenario where the negative always outweighs the positive. A world where it is some miracle that good things happen while failing to realize that good things happen everyday.

Society has been engrossed in fairytale stories, watered down approaches and never ending ways to numb all the pain. We are no longer a place that is challenged, a place that is required to strategically think or to get uncomfortable. Most of us fall into line with how we “should” live without ever stopping to ask if it feels right to you.

There are a few, a few people that ask this question and then reshape their life to what others only dream of ever doing. But what could happen if you stopped dreaming and started doing? What could happen if you believed that “great life” could be yours.

I always thought that when you grew up you would get a job, work there for 30+ years, have a family, maybe a dog and that was all there was to life. It was only when I started living this life that I realized it really sucked. Constantly feeling like you were empty, working hard for something that had little purpose to life, doing things because that is what society told you to do, how is that a life?

Yet most of the world lives this everyday, day in and day out they just go along with the mediocre, merely just existing. Some even think they are living some great life and to those people I ask that they sit down and really think about the impact they are making on the world.

It is no longer acceptable to just take up space in this world. We should no longer tolerate people that just exist. We should be showing others how to work hard, how to push themselves to be more and to get uncomfortable doing what is right for the balance of the world.

For those that are just existing in life I ask you “deep down in your soul, are you happy?”

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