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Never Forget To Plan For The Next Day!

Never forget to plan for the next day!

Whoops… I woke up this morning and I had not planned out my critical tasks for the day. Typically I do this the night before then there is no question about what I need to get done today. There is no question because I took the time the night before to assess where everything is and then effectively plan the next day.

So as I sat and berated myself for not doing this simple thing and how could I have missed that I reminded myself that sometimes this just happens but that doesn’t mean my whole day is ruined. Some people would look at that and let it ruin their entire day. They would let this one minor thing completely derail them and they would lose a perfectly good day. I have been there and I bet you have too.

You have decided early in the day that because you didn’t effectively plan the whole day is wasted so you might as well just lay on the couch and catch up on your TV shows. You probably even justify this in your head that you needed this day off anyway and that your body and mind need to rest. I know, I have been there.

But today I don’t have the luxury of doing that, there are things I have to accomplish today. So what did I do?

I took two minutes, let the shit out, made my power list for the day, reset my intention for the day and then started to execute on my tasks, after I enjoyed a sunrise of course. It’s not hard to reset yourself you first just need to be aware of what happened, tell yourself you won’t let it happen again, don’t berate yourself all day about it and then plan and execute the rest of the day.

Will it be perfect, maybe not, but at least you didn’t lay around and watch Netflix all day while eating ice cream. So tonight before I head to bed I am going to review my notes from the day and then plan out my day tomorrow with intent and purpose.

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