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Many people fail to realize that the world revolves around women

In almost every culture, regardless of how they treat women, the woman has a prominent place.

In the western world the woman’s place has evolved from the lasting tradition and is expanding at a rapid pace whereas in other cultures the traditional stereotype of a woman has yet to move at all. Neither is right nor wrong.

The larger picture to see is that women have never fully understood the dichotomy they play. They never understood what it means to harness their own power, own their place and live their purpose. As women we have been told many, many things throughout our lives and most have been passed down from generation to generation but the key is we don’t have to believe these things. We don’t have to believe that we cannot have as much or that we must do certain things because we are a woman.

The evolution of liberties we enjoy as woman have dramatically changed from just 30 years ago. But moving forward we cannot lose what makes us women. We cannot lose the very essence that creates the balance of nature.

As a child of the 90’s I was born of the era where women were pushing the boundaries and breaking barriers. I lived in a household where both of my parents worked, oftentimes with my mother making more money than my father. This showed me that I could do anything in life. But the narrative that society told was that in order to get that way we had to be a man. We had to negotiate in the boardroom like a man, we had to wear the same clothes as a man and we had to give up those things that were innate in us in order to compete with men.

I did this, I did everything I was “supposed” to do in order to compete with the men.

To this day I relate more to men when it comes to business. But along the way I had lost what it meant to be a woman. I had lost those innate qualities that made me unique. Yes I can walk into a situation and handle it the way a man would but why should I? Yes I am capable of doing things men do and some of those things I even enjoy doing but is there a different angle I can bring the situation because I am a woman?

In a world that needs to shift back into balance we cannot forget the women that broke the barriers for us but as the next generation of women leaders we cannot forget that we bring just as much to the table as men. We must realize that having a role because we are a woman is no longer accepted.

We must work to achieve roles and positions because we worked hard to get there and bring a perspective to the situation that will only make the organization or wold better. We can no longer rest on “normal” and we must rebalance what it means to be a woman.

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