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Judging yourself

One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is to constantly be in judgement of ourselves.

This is a negative habit that I have that I am trying very hard to break. The biggest thing I judge is my appearance. From an early age (middle school) I was made fun of for developing more quickly than other girls, let’s just say I got my curves long before others. I never realized how much that stuck with me as an adult but I find different things I do from the way I stand or the way I sit to all stem from trying to hide myself.

Because of that I feel like I am constantly being judged but really I am judging myself because I don’t feel perfect. I always feel like someone is going to make fun of me.

These old habits are hard to break, heck they have been engrained in me for more than 20 years but the key is knowing that they are there and being willing to break them. I hate that I judge myself at times because it then makes me focus on judging others.

It’s funny I used to tell people in my late teens that I was “super judgy” like it was something to be proud of. Only in adulthood have I learned that it stems from really judging myself so hard. Working to let this go is an everyday battle and one that I get up to fight everyday. Little things like not looking at myself in the mirror so much or touching my flawed areas or what have you are things that I am trying to be very conscious of so that I can break the habits.

I feel like the worst thing we can do to ourselves is be our own worst critic. The rest of the world is going to judge us so we have to stop judging ourselves so much.

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