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It’s not about just planting a seed in the soil but you have to plant in the right soil.

We often hear people say you have to plant the seeds today to reap the harvest in the future. Tony Robbins often talks about seasons of life and you plant in the Spring to reap the harvest in the fall, and that is true for every season of our life.

But what happens when you are not planting your seeds in the right soil? What if you plant your seeds in soil that won’t allow for maximum growth. Where I live the soil is not great, it is kind of rocky and doesn’t really allow for great growth of flowers and vegetables I like to grow.

Over the years my husband has built some raised beds for us to allow us to change the soil environment with which we grow our vegetables. By doing this we seem to get a pretty good harvest every year of vegetables.

We changed the environment with which we choose to grow our food thus allowing for maximum growth.

Sometimes the soil you are choosing to plant your seeds in is not the right soil, in other words you are not in the right environment.

Before you just throw your seeds in the field and hope for the best make sure they have the right soil to grow in.

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