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I have never skied in my life, never grabbed a snowboard and hit the slopes.

I have never been on a two day hike or had to forage for my own food. I have never done some mystical retreat where all of my problems were answered and my life became clear.

I live in the real world on a daily basis. Now that is not to say that I would never do those things but at this point in my life I have yet to do them. And the more and more I get out into the outdoors I find that there are more people like me.

People that live a “normal” life and try to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. People that have a career, have a family and have responsibilities but yet long for a weekend away just exploring a local park.

As I began my outdoor journey I started to wonder where were all the regular people. In the RV space I found it difficult to find the weekend campers like me. Yes I met people at the campgrounds but when I went to find resources online I could never find those weekenders around my age and camping like I do. When I went to find women like me, the ones who are business leaders and high achieving women who are making a big mark in this world but yet also enjoy equal time outdoors, I couldn’t find them.

I had a hard time finding people who weren’t these extreme versions of what being outdoors truly meant. I was frustrated and I vowed to help shift that paradigm. You see I am not someone who is going to sleep out of the back of my car or sell everything I have to live in a camper van.

I am a woman who has many passions in life, a woman who loves to build organizations and watch them grow but equally a woman who is a true naturalist and finds her peace and connection in the outdoors. A woman that understands in order for her to be successful in business she has to create the time and space for herself to refocus in the outdoors.

I set out to change an industry when I started this journey but ultimately I will end up changing culture.

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