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How do you do it all and not crash?

The truth is you can’t, you cannot try to “do it all” and not take time to rejuvenate yourself. Trust me on that one, I wrote a whole book on how I did it wrong and what it led me to.If you grew up like me you were taught that the only way to get to the top was to put your head down and work hard.

Jessica Rider in office

You had to outwork the men, you had to be more like a man and you had to be smarter than everyone to get ahead. Have you ever tried doing all of this, it is exhausting both mentally and physically. You will crash at some point if you keep going this way.

As a society though we have swung the pendulum so far the other way that very few actually know what hard work is. People just assume that they can have a vision for something and poof it will magically appear because they “deserve” it or are “entitled” to it. The only thing you are entitled to are the results from the work you put in… period.

However while doing all of that hard work you must find a way to rejuvenate yourself and keep a balance on your life. That balance is only determined by you and it will not be the same as anyone else’s balance. You are the only one who will know whether you truly earned the results you have gotten.Balance for me always includes time in the outdoors, everyday. It is a nonnegotiable I have made in my life.

Having time to rejuvenate myself in the outdoors is how I become a better CEO, how I reconnect with why I am doing what I am doing and what I want my life to mean.Working hard is never a question for me but creating a life that includes the outdoors balances me in a way to achieve my dreams.



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