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How do we break out of the pack?

It is no secret that humans are pack animals. By nature we like to belong to a group, we like to be acknowledged by that group and to some degree want significance in that group.

Think of a pack of wolves, 8-10 highly skilled, highly aware and most of the time very successful creatures that each has it’s place and purpose in the circle of life. Most packs will stay together for their lives with few exceptions.

Humans are no different, we will stay together in our groups, or packs, for our entire lives rarely challenging the pack. In a wolf pack if you challenge the pack leader it usually ends up in death or exile from the pack. Humans are so afraid to be exiled from the group that they pursue their lives as robots, adhering to the “normalcies” of the group until one day someone decides to break out of the group.

One day someone decides that living in poverty or living a mediocre life is not for them and they break out of the group. They forge their own path and they start to realize that their is life outside of the group they identified with. They realize the person they are wanting to be is far greater than the group could ever produce and the group no longer serves them.

It is extremely scary for most and is why very few ever truly break out but at the same time it can be extremely gratifying and it can produce an extraordinary life. Breaking out of the pack is hard and for wolves it can mean death, but for humans like you and I it can mean a life that is filled with purpose and a chance to change the world.

Break out of the group think, break out of the identity chosen for you and become someone that changes the world.

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