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How Camping Saved My Life

Before I discovered camping, I was working solely on commission which meant that I could never turn off my brain. All I could think about was making the next sale. I would never pass on an opportunity whether I was out on a lake with friends or at an evening dinner party. The potential to make money overpowered me, and I was always on the go. I could not stop.

My approach to working came from my mom who was an amazing role model; the minute she got out of high school, she started working and never stopped. I admired her and mimicked her work ethic. When Rusty and I got married, I was determined to do my own share, if not more. Taking a break was not in my vocabulary.

This incessant on-the-go work life ethic wrecked me.

At the age of 28, I found myself in the hospital. After having eliminated the possible cause of a stroke and administering an endless number of expensive tests, the doctors sent me home without any clear diagnosis. While they suggested complicated migraines, I needed more answers and started my own research. What I saw was that so much of my health issues stemmed from my incessant drive. Rusty forced me to see how I was pulling myself down and gave me an ultimatum: “You have to figure out a way to turn off this pressure, or you’re going to kill yourself, and I can’t live withouth you!"

Rusty was right, and I saw that maybe I didn’t need to drive myself so hard to please my mom or myself. As he was already an outdoorsman, he could help me regain my perspective on a work balance through camping, getting outside and appreciating nature. His support, a good deal of insight and a determination to establish a healthy balance turned my life around. There would be no more hospital visits and no more work weekends!

It is because camping has changed my life that I cannot help but share my passion for its benefits. I want others to see positive ways to balance their lives through being outside, taking time to notice birds and leaving the cell phone behind. As camping has been a game changer, I started this business. I hope to help people learn not only the basics of camping through practical advice and personal experiences but also the emotional benefits of letting the mind wander and soak in the outdoors while on a camping weekend. Much of my advice is incredibly pragmatic and none of it requires readers to be ready to forego plumbing facilities, water, parking...etc. My idea of camping is to make it easy and efficient and to eliminate the big ordeals of preparation and unpacking.

I invite you to read my book (it's not too long), if you want to learn of my story moving from an overworked and overstressed young businesswoman who never took a break to a more balanced entrepreneur who has found success not just financially but emotionally.

I also hope that those of you who do not want to read my book, will enjoy some of these blogs and will peruse my sight. May what you find inspire you to go camping too!

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