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Do You Track Yourself?

Now I don’t mean tracking yourself in some weird way of like passports and this social currency bullshit that is going around.

I mean being so in tune with yourself that you can actually track how you are doing.

One of the best things I did was learn more about my hormones, my cycles and my pivotal production times. When I started tracking how effectively I can work based around my hormonal cycle it has changed the game.

Instead of blaming myself for not feeling creative at a certain time or forcing things to happen when I just am not in the right state of mind to do it I now create habits that I don’t stray from everyday but know when I can schedule certain things to make myself much more productive.

I can then build additional habits around that.

It really is enlightening when you can structure yourself in a way that produces maximum output and you can stop beating yourself up when you just don’t feel like doing a particular thing.

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