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Do you know your ego?

I know mine, her name is Jen and she’s a real bitch.

Most people don’t ever see Jen because I try like hell to keep her locked up and most don’t ever want to meet her for fear of extreme hardships. Jen comes out when I am being tested beyond my limits, she comes out when someone comes at me and she comes out when winning becomes more important to me. She is even more direct than I am in everyday life and she is straight with no chaser.

It took me many years to uncover her and realize how she was hindering me. But I also realized that she is there to protect me, because that is what our ego does, it protects us.

Our egos are specifically designed with intent and purpose and they can be very beneficial, the key though is knowing your ego and understanding when to use it. We see people all over the place with inflated egos and that is typically because they are very insecure on the inside and their ego is protecting them. And most of the time a little ego is good.

But if you don’t recognize and train your ego when to come out and when to stay back you will inevitably be one of those people that no one respects because their ego is too big.

Learn your ego and learn when to use it. It is a tool and can be used as such.

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