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Being The "Outdoors" Type

I hear a lot when people ask me about camping "well I couldn't do that, I am just not the outdoors type!"

I usually laugh and say you just haven't experienced it the way I do.

Most of the time for those that are not into the outdoors they immediately think bugs, snakes, wild animals, sleeping on the ground and peeing behind a tree.

Again I laugh because it is not those things at all.

Being outdoors to me is birds, water (like lake or river), beautiful scenery, long walks to clear my head, great laughs and many memories.

Being outdoors means connection and turning my brain down and living a purposeful life.

I honestly don't think you will hate being outdoors I just think you haven't experienced it in a different way.

Try a walk in nature with no expectations and no fear!

Comment below where you are going to go.

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