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The Great Resignation Is Not The Problem


Jessica Rider

Everyone is looking at the great resignation that is happening and wondering how that is going to change the workforce and I am already looking five and ten years down the road.

There’s a bigger challenge that will happen on the small business space and that will be the aging of business owners. We are getting very close to a time when a lot of business owners are looking to retire.  Many of them have no exit strategy for their business and have no retirement savings.

Therefore they don’t know how to effectively transition their company to crates lifelong wealth for themselves as opposed to a one time pay out. This not only hurts them but it hurts the market as well as most of these companies will get bought out by big corporations.

If you are a small business owner looking to retire soon you are better off finding someone like me who can help you transition the business and set you up for income for the long haul.Just saying!

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